Patient Management & Clinic Development

This is an anonymous survey please answer all of the questions honestly. There is no wrong answer. The team have fielded almost 4000 calls last year. While averaging almost 350 calls per week in 2022! Well done. This survey is to find out our strengths and weakness in your eyes.
You can be as detailed as you like.
Yes / No - Give more detail if you feel to.
Strength - Personality, Professionalism, Call Management & Direction etc.
Weakness - Take To Long On Calls, Too Many Calls Not Enough Staff, No Direction, Rude etc.
Oppurtunities - Eg. Staff Training, New Phone System, Fallback Service, Improve Drop Calls, Be Nicer etc.
Threats - Eg. Bad Phone Network, Not Enough Staff, No Training, Not Enough Team Meetings etc.
Training and patient appreciation targets? Team rewards if goals are reached?
There is no wrong answer. If no - Say No!

Thank You For Taking The Time To Complete Our Survey.