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Blue Heron Dental Group combines its decades of faithful services in the past with an expanded vision for more services in the future and exceptional quality care. We truly believe that we have more to offer than any other dental clinic in Ottawa, Ontario.

At the first visit, our new patients will receive a comprehensive oral examination (COE). The COE is a thorough examination of your head and neck, teeth, gums, mouth, and a jaw joint assessment. There is a review of your medical history and how it relates to your dental health. It is a physical from your shoulders up that gives the dentist baseline data to determine if your oral health is improving, deteriorating or remaining stable.

At the COE appointment a treatment plan is determined and estimates for treatment are given if required. Information from the COE is reviewed at regular intervals usually every 6 to 9 months at hygiene visits. It is also a tool for you to make an informed decision about your oral health and understand the benefit of treatment options. The COE is usually repeated every 5 years to update the data completely.

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Blue Heron Dental Group is built on a strong reputation of over 30 years of service to the Ottawa community and the families who live here. Other dentists in the community refer pediatric patients to our clinic due to our experience and reputation when treating children.

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