Oral Surgery Informed Consent

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Oral Surgery Informed Consent

Possible Complications: 1. Pain 2. Bleeding 3. Swelling, bruising 4. Infection 5. Damage to adjacent teeth, dental work, or hard/soft tissues 6. Trismus (i.e. muscle spasms), which can result in difficulty in opening or closing the mouth 7. Sinusitis, damage to the sinus, or perforation of the tooth into the sinus (maxillary teeth only) 8. Nerve damage resulting in paraesthesia (i.e. numbness, tingling, burning) 9. A need for more extensive procedures to remove sections of tooth remaining in bone (i.e. root tips)

The above complications are relatively rare, and their risk is dependent on individual clinical situations.

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Blue Heron Dental Group is built on a strong reputation of over 30 years of service to the Ottawa community and the families who live here. Other dentists in the community refer pediatric patients to our clinic due to our experience and reputation when treating children.

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