Tooth Extraction

Oral Surgery / Extraction

A tooth extraction is a permanent solution, so it’s important to carefully weigh up your options before going ahead with a procedure.

At Blue Heron Dental our dentist will present to you all the options that exist to treat your problem and will make a recommendation that is best suited to your condition.

Wisdom teeth can also be the cause of unwanted pain and may need to be removed. Each case is different and we recommend making an appointment to best determine the appropriate procedure.

Dental problems rarely get better on their own. Begin dental care with Blue Heron Dental group today.

Wonderful and brilliant specialists. No nonsense, no unnecessary extras (like most Dentists charge for). Dr. Fremeth operated on my child when his baby teeth decided not to fall out. Amazingly caring and Professional Staff.

Rain Lore

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Blue Heron Dental Group is built on a strong reputation of over 30 years of service to the Ottawa community and the families who live here. Other dentists in the community refer pediatric patients to our clinic due to our experience and reputation when treating children.

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