Periodontal (gum and bone) surgery / Clinical crown lengthening (CCL)

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Periodontal (gum and bone) surgery / Clinical crown lengthening (CCL)

Please also note that the quote given might vary from the provincial suggested fee guide.

Opioids drug use: to minimize the risk of opioids addiction, a non-opioid pain medication will be prescribed. If an opioid is prescribed after the surgery, please be aware of the risk of opioid mis-use and abuse later in life.

Relevant information:

Post-extraction instructions need to be followed thoroughly to lower the risks of complications

I understand and accept the following: The nature of the proposed treatment has been clearly explained to me, and I understand the risks and benefits of this treatment. Alternative treatments, their pros, cons and costs were also presented, including non-treatment. I understand that even if the prognosis is good or fair, complications may occur and consequently change the outcome and the treatment plan. Treatment fees were discussed and agreed prior to the treatment. Finally, I understand that my collaboration is essential to the success of the proposed treatment.

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